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It is possible to order all the collections on this website and to be delivered worldwide. For orders on Saint-Barthélemy, I offer free hand delivery within 24 hours (on working days).


Where to buy in St Barth -Collaboration - Moon St Barth - Illustration

Direction St Barth

A new store will soon be opened at the Rémy de Haenen airport and will allow our visitors to take home a souvenir of their stay on our beautiful island. The Direction St Barth store, run by Marie-Maud, will offer all of my creations in terms of textiles as well as art prints.

Rémy de Haenen Airport

1st floor

97133 Saint-Barthélemy

Tel : +590 690 66 30 57

Collaboration - Direction St Barth - Moon St Barth - Illustration

La Case St Barth

In the heart of Gustavia, from this month of March 2024, you can now purchase some of my watercolors thanks to the Caribbean grocery store La Case St Barth. Victoria will welcome you to discover the rums, chocolates and local artisans who are the pride of our region.

Collaboration - La Case St Barth - Moon St Barth - Illustration

Immeuble Aroma

Rue de France

97133 Saint-Barthélemy

Tel : +590 590 52 01 41


Hôtel Barrière le carl gustaf

At the beginning of March 2024, a new boutique welcomes my creations, the Spa boutique of the Hôtel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf. It’s a great source of pride for me to see my work presented alongside the collection designed exclusively for the hotel, including its mythical staircase surrounded by the Traveler’s Trees.


Exclusive Collection

Rue des Normands


97133 Saint-Barthélemy

Phone : +590 590 29 79 00

Collaboration - Hôtel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf - Moon St Barth - Illustration

Hôtel Christopher St Barth

Once again, in the spring of 2024, my creations will be presented in a marvellous showcase, as the three watercolours designed especially for the Christopher Hotel will be on display in the boutique.

Collaboration - Hôtel Christopher St Barth - Moon St Barth - Illustration

Exclusive Collection

Pointe Milou


97133 Saint-Barthélemy

Phone : +590 590 29 79 00

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